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David Bradstreet:

 Vocals,  Acoustic Guitars

Carl Keesee:

Lakland Electric Bass

John Herberman:

Piano (#1,6)

 All songs and music by db except:

"The Only Thing Left is Love"

  lyric by Robert Priest

"Stopping By Woods"  

   poem by Robert Frost

BEST FOOT FORWARD has been remastered and is available on all digital providers.

Listen below...

During the 2020/2021 Pandemic Lockdown, like countless others I found solace in my vocation - at least the part that I could do in isolation. I recorded my vocal and acoustic guitar live in my studio inToronto, and added other vocals and acoustic guitars in subsequent sessions there in May of 2020.


 I am most grateful to my musical brothers, Carl Keesee and John Herberman, for lending their vast talents to this project. Carl recorded bass in his studio in Austin, Texas.

John recorded his piano parts on "Best Foot Forward" and

"Half-Hearted Love"  in his Toronto studio.

Both gave me hours of advice and expertise. Thank you!


 I am very fortunate to have the support and companionship of a strong, intelligent and loving woman. We have been together for many years and have been through countless joys and challenges in those decades. Thank you Brenda for encouraging me to write and record these songs and for allowing me the solitude to put my best foot forward."

                                                              - David Bradstreet

Best Foot Forward
Lightning Strikes
The Only Thing Left Is Love
Moving Day
One Toss
Half-Hearted Love
Walking Beside You
Stopping By Woods
Lightning Strike PaB.jpeg

We believe that this is the actual lightning strike

referred to in "Lightning Strikes". It was taken with

an automatic camera across the bay.

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