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Photo: Jesse Bradstreet


New album released April 12, 2023

photo: Eric Thom

DAVID BRADSTREET is best known for his song ”Renaissance”,  (Let's Dance That Old Dance Once More) - an iconic Canadian hit. He has been recognized for his work as a singer/songwriter, composer and producer, many albums bearing his name; Platinum and Gold selling records; a high profile Juno Award early in his career; three subsequent Juno nominations and music credits including a Gemini nomination; film and TV soundtracks and scoring; talent discovery and record producer for numerous artists including Jane Siberry, Colleen Peterson, Nancy Simmonds, Bill Hughes, Jason Fowler, Robert Priest, Mira Meikle...

  He has toured extensively for over five decades and is a veteran of major tours, coffeehouses, concert halls, house concerts and folk festivals - and has written and performed hundreds of songs.

Background photo: Jesse Bradstreet

Background photo: Jesse Bradstreet

photo: Jesse Bradstreet

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