Best Foot ForwardDavid Bradstreet
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Title Track: "Best Foot Forward"

Album Released June 2020

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New Song: "The Land Beyond"

written by:

David Bradstreet & Robert Priest ©2020

Produced and performed by:

David Bradstreert

The Land Beyond 201114David Bradstreet
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RENAISSANCE - from "David Bradstreet" A&M
ONE WAY OR ANOTHER - from "David Bradstreet"
"BERESFORD STREET" - from "David Bradstreet"
"LONG LONG ROAD" - from "David Bradstreet"
MIDNIGHT SONG - from "Dreaming in Colour" (long fadeup)
"BALLERINAS" - from "Dreaming in Colour"
BLACK & WHITE - from "Black & White" (long fadeup)
BACK TO BASICS - from "Black & White"
LANGUAGE LIES - from "Renaissance" CD
NO TURNING BACK - from "Renaissance" CD
LIFELINES - from "Lifelines"
"LONG TIME AGO" - from "Lifelines"
"RATHER THAN LOVE" - from "08.20.10"
"THE TRAVELING ONES" - from "08.20.10"

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