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Georgian Bay

"Renaissance, about the endurance of love, remains one of the best songs

ever written by a Canadian." - Robert Reid, The Record, March 2013


"... It explains why Bradstreet’s work has proven so ageless. Quality. Focus. Talent. At the core of it is a man, his voice and his guitar – which explains why his work has so much validity to this day. His is a voice which is, to me, Canuck bedrock and his mercurial guitar-playing has become even more central to his music. So, when he sings, he always sounds familiar. Familiar special. And when he picks up his original Louisiana-birthed Composite Acoustics OX guitar, the magic happens as it always did – except better. A zillion live shows later, today’s David Bradstreet is a master of his skills – the voice, deeper and more richly seasoned in all the right places­ – and as range-friendly as ever; his fingerstyle guitar-playing abilities simply jaw-dropping in their complexity and overall tone – both parts together creating an hypnotic aural weave of intricate, satisfying parts."


- Eric Thom, April 2014, ROOTS MUSIC CANADA

     Born in London, England, David came to Canada as a child with his parents; after college where he studied architecture, 

he worked the college circuit in the U.S. visiting most states as a solo performer and achieving rising star status in Canada on the

folk club trail in the early '70s. This period was marked by: early sessions in Bob and Danny Lanois' mother's basement; two pivotal years in New York City with Peter Yarrow and Phil Ramone including a duo with Mimi Farina; teaming up with Lazarus and Albert Grossman in Woodstock NY and touring with Todd Rundgren; having one of his songs, "Renaissance", become a folk standard - followed by the Juno for Best New Male Vocalist 1977. The late '70s phase of David's career, which included two high profile albums on A&M, “David Bradstreet” and “Dreaming in Colour” (produced by Don Oriolo and engineered by Ed Stasium), was one of major tours and high profile concert and broadcast appearances. Bradstreet opted to go the independent route and recorded another solo album, “Black & White” in 1981. 


      As a record producer/engineer, he released the first album by a then unknown Jane Siberry on his own Street Records label in 1981, and another by his former Lazarus partner Billie Hughes the same year. Hughes, along with Carl Keesee from that band formed life-long friendships with David, leading to the co-production of the excellent tribute album to Canadian singer/songwriters, “Horton Bates & Best”. His “Renaissance” CD was released in 1998 and his first A&M album, the eponymous "David Bradstreet", was re-released under the new Universal Music banner, The Heritage Series in 2002, (along with A&M release "Dreaming in Colour"), followed by “Lifelines” in 2006 with Jason Fowler and David Woodhead. He was co-producer of the CD compilation, “Tears of a Thousand Years”, a benefit project for 911. He also co-produced, with Nancy Simmonds, a posthumous CD of Colleen Peterson songs, "Postcards from California" - as well as Nancy's CDs "Debut" and “Tortilla Flats”, released on Joe Tucker Records. Also in 2006, he started a new record company, TheraMusic, for his internationally successful music therapy releases, "TheraSleep" and "TheraCalm". He produced Jason Fowler’s CD, “Lumens of Light”, and produced Robert Priest's CD, "Feeling the Pinch".. David's release, "08.20.10", was recorded live-off-the-floor (vocal, guitar and bass) in four days, August 17 - 20, 2010 at Dave's Cave in Toronto, Canada with Carl Keesee. As well as his own original compositions, this release includes two songs: “Nowhere Anywhere”, that he co-wrote with Robert Priest; and “Sea Fever”, a poem written by John Masefield for which David wrote the music. In 2011 he travelled to Antarctica as artist-in-residence aboard the MS Expedition. He is now working with emerging artist, Mira Meikle, and her new CD, "MIRA", was released March 2015. 

The most recent CD, "Best Foot Forward", features pals Carl Keesee (bass) and John Herberman (piano #1,6), released June 2020.


   David lives and works as a songwriter & music producer at his studio in Toronto, Canada.




Read about David's Antarctic Adventure on the Taylor Guitars site.


1977 - JUNO - Best New Male Vocalist, David Bradstreet

1978 - SOCAN Song Awards - "Renaissance", "One Way or Another", "Long Long Road", David Bradstreet, songwriter

1985 - GEMINI Nomination - Best Original Music Score for a Documentary "For The Love Of The Game" TSN TV Series

1998 - JUNO Nomination - Best Instrumental Album, David Bradstreet/Dan Gibson, "Whispering Woods" (Solitudes)

1999 - JUNO Nomination - Best Instrumental Album, David Bradstreet/Dan Gibson, "Natural Sleep" (Solitudes)

2001 - JUNO Nomination - Best Instrumental Album, David Bradstreet/Dan Gibson, "Angel's Embrace" (Solitudes)

2002 - GOLD Album - "Natural Stress Relief" (Solitudes)

2002 - GOLD Album - "Natural Sleep Inducement" (Solitudes)

2002 - PLATINUM Album - "Natural Stress Relief" (Solitudes)

2006 - GOLDEN QUILL AWARD - for songwriting excellence

2006 - PORCUPINE AWARDS HALL OF FAME - for lifetime achievement

2008 - HALL OF FAME - T.A.Blakelock H.S., Oakville, Ontario.




1976 - "DAVID BRADSTREET" - David Bradstreet - A&M #SP9026 (artist)

1977 - "DREAMING IN COLOUR" - David Bradstreet - A&M #SP9032 (artist)

1979 - "BLACK & WHITE" - David Bradstreet - Street Records #SR001 (artist, producer, engineer)

1980 - "Jane Siberry" - Jane Siberry - Street Records #SR002 (co-producer, engineer)

1980 - "Horton, Bates & Best" - Bill Hughes - Street Records #SR003 (co-producer, engineer)

1981 to present - various broadcast commercials, filmscores etc.

1995 - "All Year Long" - Cathy & Don (David Bradstreet producer, engineer)

1997 - "Whispering Woods" - Solitudes #CDG139 (producer, composer, engineer)

1997 - "Natural Stress Relief" - Solitudes #CDG143 (producer, composer, engineer)

1998 - "Natural Sleep Inducement" - Solitudes #CDG150 (producer, composer, engineer)

1998 - "RENAISSANCE" - David Bradstreet - Street Records #SR004 (artist, producer, engineer)

1998 - "Natural Concentration" - Solitudes #CDG158 (producer, composer, engineer)

1999 - "Mountain Sunrise" - Solitudes #CDG166 (producer, composer, engineer)

2000 - "Angel's Embrace" - Solitudes #CDG181 (producer, composer)

2000 - "Healing" - Avalon #19520 (producer, composer, engineer)

2001 - "Tears of a Thousand Years" - various artists (co-producer, artist)

2001 - "A Long Time Coming" - Michel Dumont (mixing and mastering engineer)

2002 - "Walkin' on Sunshine" - Avalon #24548 (producer)

2002 - "Can't Close a Blind Eye" - David McLachlan (David Bradstreet producer, engineer)

2002 - "Carolina Calling" - Avalon #SOLCD70 (producer)

2003 - "Good Night, Sleep Tight" - Fisher-Price #22972 (producer, composer, engineer)

2003 - "Music to Enhance Concentration" - Avalon #28030 (co-producer, co-composer)

2003 - "Musical Tails" (CD Series) - Nancy Simmonds - (David Bradstreet mastering engineer)

2004 - "Postcards from California" - Colleen Peterson - Souvenir #SM0104 (David Bradstreet/Nancy Simmonds co-producers)

2005 - "TheraSleep" / "TheraCalm"- TheraMusic #TM101/TM102 (all hats)

2006 - "LIFELINES" - David Bradstreet - Street Records #SR005 (artist)

2007 - "Debut" - Nancy Simmonds - Joe Tucker Records (David Bradstreet co-producer)

2009 - "Lumens of Light" - Jason Fowler / (David Bradstreet producer)

2010 - “08.20.10” - Bradstreet & Keesee - Street Records #SR006 - (Bradstreet & Keesee producers)

2011 - "Tortilla Flats" - Nancy Simmonds - Joe Tucker Records (David Bradstreet co-producer)

2012 - "Feeling the Pinch" - Robert Priest  (David Bradstreet producer/engineer )

2015 - "MIRA" - Mira Meikle  (David Bradstreet producer /engineer)

2020 - "BEST FOOT FORWARD" - David Bradstreet - Street Records #SR007 -  (David Bradstreet producer/engineer )


Pointe Au Baril, Georgian Bay - September 2018

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