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 “5Z Rating!” - Nick Krewen, Chatelaine Magazine


If you are amongst the majority of people who experience stress and sleep loss, TheraMusic can help. Stress and sleep disorders contribute to loss of productivity, memory and quality of life. TheraMusic employs clinically tested drug-free techniques to help facilitate stress reduction and sleep inducement. 


After working for over two decades in the music for health field and gaining an international reputation with the success of Solitudes™ projects such as "Natural Stress Relief" and "Natural Sleep Inducement", and receiving JUNO Nominations and Gold and Platinum Awards for these acclaimed recordings, award winning composer David Bradstreet presents these unique recordings specifically focused on music for health.


Using the principle of “entrainment” or the synchronization of one or more rhythmic cycles coupled with scientifically designed music, these CDs gradually “coax” the listener’s heart rate down to a level that promotes sleep and stress relief. It is important to get stress and sleep deprivation under control. TheraMusic can help. Buy.






"As a Registered Massage Therapist of twenty years, I have found music to be integral to my practice. I have used both the Natural Sleep Inducement and Natural Stress Relief with great success in helping relax my clients. Many have commented on enjoying the music. I will gladly use the new Theramusic C.D."
- S.H., Toronto, Canada


"I received your email several months ago ... but at the time could not make up my mind if it was helping or not. Recently I realized that the change had been very gradual and indeed the music does help. Now I do not need to use it every night but when I have a bad night I return to the music and within a day or so I am back to sleeping. I still wake up several times a night but am able to return to sleep easily. It is amazing because I have tried every sleep therapy there is  and this is the first one that works. It is also amazing to me that during my waking hours I can not bring the music to my mind but my body seems to recognize it immediately when I play the cd. I will definitely be getting the new cd when it comes out. Keep up the good work."
- H.J., British Columbia, Canada



"Thank you very much. I want to tell you that it works!  Since I have been listening to (TheraSleep) at night, I sleep much, much better. I made a test: I did not listen to it last weekend and I did not sleep as well.  It's really fantastic!  I told a few friends about your product. Thank you very much again."
- J.V., Montreal, Quebec



"I use the CD every night. I go to sleep a little quicker, and while I am not asleep, my mind is not acting like a drunken monkey. The music quiets the little beastie and before I (or the beastie) knows it, I am asleep. I normally wake frequently during the night (4-6 times), but now I am waking only once or twice, and when I return to bed, I turn on the music and off to dream land I go. My sleep is much deeper, and I am waking up much clearer of mind, perhaps not exactly ready to get going, but I think that will come after a while. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on.
Thank you very much for working diligently toward such a successful product. I hope you will be able to produce another CD like this one, because even when asleep, I am sure the little beastie is trying to figure out how to get bored and return to it's bad manners as before. Thank you. Sincerely,"
- L.G., Port Colborne, Ontario



"The second listening (of TheraSleep) actually conked me out…absolutely incredible!
I was skeptical after the first try as I didn’t notice any change or sleepiness. This CD is a winner! Read the instructions and follow directions and good luck to all who struggle with insomnia."
- ZZZZZ in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada



"We bought a copy of TheraSleep to use with our new baby.  We put the CD on repeat in his room and he seems to enjoy the music. Although he's just three months old, I believe that your music helps him sleep through the night. I think he wakes up and is able to relax and put himself back to sleep, while listening to the CD.
Thanks again for your beautiful music."
- M.B.B, New Liskeard, Ontario



"I heard about you through Chatelaine magazine, and because it gave TheraSleep zzzz rating I decided to give it a try and ordered it and I am very satisified with the results. I find it very calming and find that I listen to it just about every night , well worth the $20.
 Look forward to your new CD, TheraCalm."
 - E.B, St.John's, Newfoundland



"I have been enjoying the CD Therasleep and find it to definitely have a calming influence."
- W.W, Prince George, British Columbia



"I tend to wake up in the middle of the night. I used to get up and read or do something until I was sleepy once again. Now I roll over and turn on the TheraSleep CD and I'm usually asleep before the end of it. Thank you so much for helping me feel much more rested in the morning."
- K.M., Brampton, Ontario, Canada




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