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A&M Records Canada



One Way or Another


Distant Fields

Main Street Soliloquy

Long Long Road

Waiting This Long

When the Sun Arrives

Beresford Street

From Here I See

Can You Feel the Earth

Cover to Cover


Produced by Don Oriolo of

          Freeflow Productions

Engineered by Ed Stasium,

          assisted by John Hazen
Recorded and mixed at

          Phase One Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Greg Calbi,

          Sterling Sound, NYC
Re-mastered by Peter Moore, 2002
David Bradstreet - vocals, BGs, elec

& acoustic guitars, piano, mandolin
Carl Keesee - bass, clarinet, BGs
Jerry Marotta - drums, percussion
Bob Mann - elec. & acoustic guits
Lance Quinn - elec. & acoustic guits
Peter Phillips - piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, MiniMoog
Dick Armin - cello
Paul Armin - viola
Corol McCartney, Barb McDougall,

Vicki Richards, Bill Richards - strings
Chris Dedrick - string arrangements
Alan Magee - cover illustration
George Reisenauer - photography
Walter Grasser - project manager
Graphics Restoration:

          LUMA (Brenda Bradstreet)



A&M Records Canada


Thirty Years

Sticks & Stones

Dreaming in Colour

Goodbye Jason

Midnight Song

Last Catch


Keep Your Luck Alive

Ashes on the Water



Produced by Don Oriolo of

         Freeflow Productions

Engineered by Ed Stasium,

         assisted by Gary Gray
Recorded and mixed at

         Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Greg Calbi,

         Sterling Sound, NYC
Strings and horns recorded at The Hit Factory, NYC by Wayne Tarnowsky
David Bradstreet - vocals, BGs, acoustic and electric guitars
Carl Keesee - electric bass, clarinet, BGs
Jim Neil - drums, BGs
Bob Mann - electric and acoustic guitars
Lance Quinn - el. and acoustic guitars
Doug Riley - keys
Steve Kennedy - sax
Chris Dedrick - organ,

          "Dreaming in Colour"
Matt Zimbel - perc.
Billie Hughes, Michael Lewis,

Barbara Massey, Lani Groves,

Yolanda McCullough - BGs
Brad Baker, Terry Minogue, Chris Dedrick - arrangers
Irving Spice - string contractor, NYC
Lew DelGatto - horn contractor, NYC
Brenda Bradstreet - cover design
Alan Magee - cover colour
Walter Grasser - project manager


Street Records


Back to Basics

Torpedoes in the Mainstream

Silent Partner

Black & White

Blues is Like Shoes

Parallel Roads

Children Together

Taking the Long Way Home

We Didn't Go Far Enough




Produced & Engineered by:

David Bradstreet & Carl Keesee

David Bradstreet: vocals & guitars

Carl Keesee: bass, BGs

Bill Dillon: electric guitars


Bucky Berger & David Houghton

BGs: Jane Siberry, Wendy Davis

Bruce Fowler: keys "Back to Basics"


Street Records


No Turning Back

Language Lies

The Handout


Two Minds

High Ground

I Just Walk Away

Another Human Failing

We Walk These Streets

The Next Boat Train

Holding My Breath





Produced by David Bradstreet

David Bradstreet - Voice, BGs, D35 Martin Guitar, Godin VG8 Guitars, Piano, programming

Carl Keesee - Electric Bass

Oliver Schroer - Fiddle

Al Cross - Drums

Jane Siberry - BGs on

          "I Just Walk Away"

Billie Hughes - BGs "The Handout"

Rebecca Campbell - BGs on

      "No Turning Back", "Two Minds"             and "High Ground"

Ronda Rindone - Clarinet on

         "Holding My Breath"

Denis Keldie - Accordion on                


Jesse Bradstreet - 2nd Rhythm Guitar         on "Renaissance"

Tivan Bradstreet - BGs on        


Dave Harris, Doug Fraser,

Jim Sanderson, Bob Scott, Peter Fraser, John McCowan - BGs on

          "We Walk These Streets"

Mixed at Oaklands by: John Switzer &

          David Bradstreet

Mastered at The Lacquer Channel by:

          George Graves

Cover Photo: Brenda Bradstreet

Design and Layout: LUMA


This album is dedicated to the memory of Billie Hughes,

April 4, 1948 - July 3, 1998

Lifelines SR005


Street Records



Such a Fool

Tears of a Thousand Years

Walk With You By & By

Domino's Piano

Storm Comes

Love Is Here to Stay


Long Time Ago

Imagine Me Home


Produced by: Jason Fowler

w/ David Woodhead

   & David Bradstreet

David Bradstreet - Vocal, Martin D35 acoustic guitar, Yamaha SLG100S guitar, background vocals

Jason Fowler - Oskar Graf acoustic guitars, reso-phonic and high-string guitars, background vocals

David Woodhead - Hofner Club Bass, Fender/hybrid fretless and fretted basses


All songs ©David Bradstreet - Subterranean Music (SOCAN) except:

“Lifelines” David Bradstreet &

          Rob Lamothe

“Such a Fool” Billie Hughes

“Domino’s Piano” David Bradstreet), Jason Fowler & Robert Priest

“Imagine Me Home”&

 “Walk With You By and By”

     - David Bradstreet & Robert Priest

Engineered and Mixed by 

Ray Montford at Soundhole Studio

Mastered by George Seara at

          High Impact

Art direction and layout by LUMA

Front cover painting “Selbstbildnis”, 

         © Alan Magee

All photography by Jesse Bradstreet


This CD is dedicated to my children - my lifelines.

082010 - Bradstreet & Keesee

Street Records



No Place Like Home

Same Love

The Traveling Ones

Space of Two

Nowhere Anywhere

Rather Than Love

Farther to Fall

Sea Fever




Produced by:

Bradstreet & Keesee

Mixed by: John Herberman

Remastered 2021

Carl and I have traveled many miles together, from being members of the Woodstock N.Y. band, Lazarus, to the years we spent touring in support of my A&M projects, to the Street Records years. For this recording, we played the songs in my studio together until the day they felt right, (August 20, 2010), then hit the record button.

David Bradstreet:

Vocals / Martin D35 acoustic guitar

Carl Keesee:

Lakland electric bass / voice

Mastered by: George Seara

Layout and Design: LUMA

Front Cover treatment:

Jesse Bradstreet

All songs ©David Bradstreet - Subterranean Music (SOCAN) except:

"Nowhere Anywhere" lyric Robert Priest

"Sea Fever" poem by John Masefield

BFF CD Front italic 100dpi 200506.jpg


Street Records


Best Foot Forward

Lightning Strikes

The Only Thing Left Is Love

Moving Day

One Toss

Half-Hearted Love

Walking Beside You

Stopping By Woods





Produced & Engineered by

David Bradstreet

David Bradstreet:

Vocals, Acoustic guitars

Carl Keesee:

Lakland Electric Bass

John Herberman:

Piano (#1 & #6)

All songs ©David Bradstreet - Subterranean Music (SOCAN) except:

"The Only Thing Left is Love"

lyric Robert Priest

"Stopping By Woods" poem by Robert Frost

*Remastered Oct 2021

This album is dedicated

to our grandsons,




Best Foot Forward

Lightning Strikes

The Only Thing Left is Love

Moving Day (It Was Easy)

One Toss

Half-Hearted Love


Walking Beside You

Stopping By Woods


Produced by David Bradstreet

David Bradstreet - Voice, BGs, Guitrs

Carl Keesee - Electric Bass

John Herberman: Piano, Mix&Master

During the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown, like countless others I found solace in my vocation - at least the part that I could do in isolation. I recorded my vocal and guitar live-off-the-floor in my Toronto studio in May of 2020. I am eternally grateful to my pals, Carl Keesee and John Herberman for lending their vast talents to this project. Carl recorded his brilliant bass in his studio in Austin, Texas. John worked tirelessly in his Toronto studio - mixing, mastering and adding piano. 

  I am very fortunate to have the support and companionship of a strong, intelligent and loving woman. We have been together for many years and have been through countless joys and challenges in those decades. Thank you Brenda for encouraging me to write and record these songs and for allowing me the solitude to put my best foot forward.

This CD is dedicated to our grandchildren Smith & Shea

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